Depression can take hold of your life and make you feel like there’s no escape. It impacts how people feel, think and act. From severe low moods to the inability to function in certain situations (such as at work or social events), it is a serious medical illness that needs treating.

Symptoms that you may have depression

There are dozens of signs that may indicate that you have a form of depression such as:

When should you seek help for depression?

Don’t make the mistake of allowing your emotions to boil up inside you. If you feel that you have depression, talk to someone as soon as possible. Speak to a friend or family member, and consult your doctor. While it is treatable, you need to be open to the different treatments available to you.

There are various depression treatments including a change of medication, self-help resources, mindfulness and depression therapy.

How does depression therapy help?

Talking to a professional can be extremely helpful to people who suffer from depression. Many find it easier to talk to strangers rather than their loved ones, and others simply may not have anyone who understands. A depression therapist will listen and help you find the answers to your questions.

They are non-judgemental and there for you.  Whether you want to discuss an issue, cry, vent or just contemplate, depression therapy gives people an opportunity to get to the root of problems and find solutions.

There are many different kinds of depression therapy, so you should be able to find the one that suits you. Of course, it’s not a magic fixer, it won’t make your feelings suddenly go away, but it will help you cope with your depression, understand it and in time you may eventually overcome it.

Depression therapy London: When should you seek help?
Depression therapy London: When should you seek help?

Depression therapy London

Visit London depression therapist Sebastian Bosca for personalised one-to-one depression therapy sessions in London.

One client said: “I found it very easy to talk with Sebastian. He helped me find solutions and work through a range of emotions. I learned that it’s OK to cry and I need to allow myself to feel. That encouraged me to move forward and see things from a different perspective. I finally feel like myself again.” Read other testimonials here.

With a personalised approach, he incorporates a combination of both CBT and Psychodynamic methods into the sessions.

Get a 15-minute telephone introductory session free of charge to discuss depression therapy options and to discuss what kind of counselling service is right for you.

Make your next step an get in touch today. Allow me to help you through this journey in your life.

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