Living with anxiety is like being trapped in your own mind. It makes people feel tense, nervous, fearful and in constant dread. There are different kinds of anxiety such as social anxiety and general anxiety disorder, so it can manifest in people in various ways.

Anxiety is London’s most common medical condition. A recent survey found that approximately three million people in the UK live with an anxiety disorder, with a majority of those people with anxiety living in London.

Why do so many people have anxiety in London?

It’s not difficult to believe (or understand) that many people who live in London have anxiety. Living in the capital can be stressful, highly social and things move at hyper speed. All these aspects can trigger some form of anxiety, and as a lot of people develop anxiety later in life, many professionals in the city have this medical condition due to a poor work-life balance.

Living in London can increase the likelihood of one getting anxiety due to the lifestyle of the city. A recent anxiety study that surveyed 13,000 Londoners found that generalised anxiety disorder is the most common medical condition in every London borough except for Islington (where it came in third).

Symptoms of anxiety

How to deal with anxiety in London

Consult a doctor

If you feel you have a form of anxiety, we recommend visiting your GP to discuss how you feel and potential treatment options.

Fix your schedule

In London, it’s common for people to feel overworked and this can be harmful to our mental health. Put yourself first and avoid stressful situations. Look at your schedule and make sure you have enough “me-time”. Your diary should have a healthy balance.

Walk more often

Several studies suggest that walking eases anxiety. It is a healthy and fun exercise that helps with anxiety. Walk along the London streets and explore the green parks, have a change of scenery, and work on your breathing as you do so.


Practice meditation and mindfulness to help manage your thoughts from going into overdrive. Mobile applications such as Headspace can be extremely helpful, and it’s free to download.

Anxiety therapy London

See an anxiety therapist in London to talk about your fears, daily stresses and general mental health issues. You will get advice and the extra help will guide you.

Visit London anxiety therapist Sebastian Bosca for comfort, help and support. Clients who have various kinds of anxiety meet him for anxiety therapy sessions in London every week.

One client said: “Fear had been holding me back in my life and talking to you has helped me improve the way I see life. Thank you for your patience and for helping me see there is a way of moving forward. I will be using everything I’ve learned in the sessions.” Read other testimonials too.

With a personalised approach, he incorporates a combination of both CBT and Psychodynamic methods into the sessions.

Get a 15-minute telephone introductory session free of charge to discuss anxiety therapy options and to discuss what kind of counselling service is right for you.

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