Stress management London: What you can do

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While living in London can be extraordinary, stress management in London can be a very difficult task for most of us. London is a city that many people cherish. However, the resulting city life can create a lot of stressful triggers that ultimately leads to ill mental health.

How to cope with anxiety living in London

How to cope with anxiety living in London

Living with anxiety is like being trapped in your own mind. It makes people feel tense, nervous, fearful and in constant dread. There are different kinds of anxiety such as social anxiety and general anxiety disorder, so it can manifest in people in various ways.

How to deal with low mood

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We all experience periods of low mood in our lifetime and feel sad sometimes about things that have happened. For some of us these moments don’t last for long and are manageable, but for
others these periods can become prolonged and can affect our day to day tasks and impair our functioning.