Living in London can be extraordinary: from the beautiful landmarks and deep history to the work opportunities and social aspects, it’s a city that many people cherish. However, the resulting city life can create a lot of stressful triggers that ultimately leads to ill mental health, and stress management in London can be a very difficult task for most of us.

Many London professionals have a poor work-life balance. The long working hours and little amount of “me-time” can lead to a whole lot of stress.

Stress is among the most common mental health problems in the UK’s capital. While everyone will suffer from stress at various points in their life, excessive levels of stress can be a sign of a bigger problem.

Stress can take hold of our lives and take on various forms, leading to other serious medical conditions such as anxiety and depression. Stress can impact our relationships, work-life and our thought process.

Signs that you may be stressed

There are various signs, both physical and mental, that you should look out for:

Stress Management London

Stress management tips

Stress management is so important so you don’t burn out. There are various ways to cope with stress when living in London. Here are some tips on what you can do to relieve stress and get back on track.


It will keep your mind focused and helps your general health and wellbeing.

Clear your schedule

Beyond work, you need a balance of socialisation, relaxation and exercise. Fix your schedule to allow for more ‘me-time’.

Spend time with your loved ones

Ease your troubles by living a little! Make sure you spend time with your friends and simply enjoy yourself. It’s a stress-reliever and will also give you the opportunity to talk about your problems with people who care.

Do what makes you happy

Whether you love reading, watching television or gardening, do what makes you happy. It will decrease your stress levels tenfold.

Try something new

Take up a new hobby like painting or coding. It can distract your mind from whatever you’re stressed about.

What not to do when you’re stressed

When stressed, a lot of people turn to alcohol, cigarettes and coffee. This is not a reliable or healthy coping mechanism and should be avoided. In the long run, you will feel worse.

Stress management counselling

Talk to a professional to help with your stress management and see the results blossom.

How can stress management counselling help you?

Stress management London: counselling and psychotherapy

Visit London stress management counsellor Sebastian Bosca. Clients who have various stress levels meet him for one-to-one stress management therapy sessions in London.

With a personalised approach, he incorporates a combination of both CBT and Psychodynamic methods into the sessions.

Get a 15-minute telephone introductory session free of charge to discuss stress management counselling options and to discuss what kind of counselling service is right for you.

London students who are stressing about university life, for example, may really benefit from stress management sessions.

Make your next step and get in touch today. Let me help you through this journey in your life.

I look forward to helping you!

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