We become what we think about. (E. Nightingale)

Counselling and Therapy Services

Anxiety & Stress

We all have to face anxiety and stress at different times in our lives: either at our jobs, with family situations, in our relationships, or maybe in all these areas at once. To be able to cope with and even overcome stress and anxiety, requires personal effort, insight and willingness to face and admit what’s going on. The first step is putting it out on the table. Then, we tackle it and try to make sense of what’s happening, having our mind and heart open to learning and growing in the process.

Depression & Low Mood

Life’s circumstances might put us in a position of feeling sad and we might find it difficult to cope with. When this sadness causes you to feel unhappy for weeks and affects your daily life, work and relationships, it turns into depression. The lenses through which you see life become stained and you perceive things in a distorted manner. The key in depression is understanding how you got there and learn to assert life by balancing the good with the bad. We all go through difficult situations, but at the same time there are good things happening. Being able to see both sides of the same coin helps you move forward and have hope.

Traumatic Events & Experiences

Our childhood experiences shape our future adult. Quite a lot we go through traumatic events in life and because we don’t know how to deal with them, we deny them and set them aside. Eventually, they catch up with us and we have to attend them. The way we do it matters because it influences our future decisions and our own growth.

In a safe environment like therapy you can explore yourself and find new meaning regarding your life and purpose.

Difficulties in Life

You don’t need to be depressed or anxious to seek counselling/therapy. You might find yourself at a crossroad or unsure how to make important and life-changing decisions. You might not understand how you got stuck in your life and feel there are obstacles you don’t know how to handle.

A therapist is able to help you see your situation from different angles and guide you through the entire process of what you’re going through.


I have trained as a supervisor with CTSD (the Centre for Supervision and Team Development) and currently offer supervision on a sliding scale, starting £45 – £70.

As a supervisor, I work relationally with the Seven Eyed Model to support exploration of how our beliefs about ourselves impact our work and relationships. In doing this work, my purpose is to encourage and help supervisees increase self-awareness and use that as a tool to improve their relationship with clients by focusing on the here and now.

If you would like to know more, you can contact me to discuss supervision arrangements.

Christian Counselling​

Christian values are widespread around the world: loving one another, accepting others the way they are and not judging them, supporting one another and being emphatic. One of the most important aspects of Christianity is the relationship you can have with God and how that changes your perspective on life and helps you find purpose.

As a therapist I am interested in exploring this aspect of life because it can have a great impact in my clients’ lives.

Sebastian Bosca CBT Therapy London

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

If you want to deal with a specific issue, CBT might be useful. The purpose of CBT is to help people change the way they think about themselves and the way they perceive their own circumstances.

CBT focuses more on the present and the future and is typically considered “short term therapy”, sessions ranging from 6 to 12. Most of the times, CBT incorporates mindfulness and breathing techniques used for anxiety, panic attacks, stress relief.

Sebastian Bosca Psychodynamic Therapy London

Psychodynamic Therapy

This approach is generally used when people want to explore therapy in an open ended space, without a set number of sessions. Working psychodynamically means the focus of the sessions will be to explore the upbringing, past relationships and events that have contributed to the personality of the individual.

Focusing on the past is key to understanding how someone has become the person they are and how their decisions are shaped by unconscious thoughts and emotions.