What a great journey it is! I discover with each client a new world, a hidden universe marked with pain and love, suffering and joy. Each individual has his/her unique journey. Though there are similarities, no journey is the same. Why? Because we are different, we choose and react in many ways, different from one another. That’s why we can support and encourage each other because out of the multitude of experiences we have we can offer so much to the other person: new perspective, hope, the will to move forward and not settle for mediocre things.

The clients that have knocked on my door have been challenged to rethink their lives. My purpose is to encourage them to see themselves as they truly are. We get so caught up with circumstances that we forget who we are. We focus more on doing instead of just being ourselves. We try to prove to others and to ourselves that we are worth something. We engage in addictions and try to define ourselves through what we do. Our behaviour becomes our identity. Slowly, we lose ourselves into a dark hole and as much as we try to stop going deeper, we discover that the way out is not so clear anymore. Depression and anxiety might come after but they are just symptoms, signals telling us something is not OK. If these symptoms “could talk” they would probably say: You need to listen. Something is going on. Stop avoiding it. Just listen.

There are a few steps we can take to make sure we attend to our needs and not ignore or avoid them:

  1. Take time to listen – if there’s a challenge nowadays it’s to stop from all the chaos around work and family and listen, just listen to your needs, where you are, what you want.
  2. Ask for help – if you’re unsure on how to deal with things, ask for help, support from someone. We get too caught up in our own circumstances. Someone outside our situation might be able to give us some good insights.
  3. Do something – don’t stop moving forward. Do something different, don’t give up.
  4. Enjoy your life – enjoy every moment. Be present in everything you do. Stop thinking about past or future. Enjoy today!

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