There is change in the waiting 1

There really is change in the waiting, no matter what the waiting is about. You might be waiting to heal after a breakup or you might be waiting to get another job after being made redundant or failing at your last interview. You might be waiting to move on and close that part of your past that keeps coming back. There’s so many examples I could use but no matter the wait, there is change in that waiting.
Picture this for a moment: before the butterfly becomes a butterfly, it has to go through different stages that require it to grow and change. The first stage is when the caterpillar is eating and gaining strength to become this beautiful butterfly. Now this process takes a certain amount of time and during that time the caterpillar changes from being really small to growing and shedding its own skin. Shedding the old skin makes room for the new one to form and cover the caterpillar. Replacing the old skin with a new one must be painful. But after that the caterpillar goes through a resting time which is considered to be the changing stage. Why? This is when the caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Every old part of the caterpillar gets to be replaced with a new one. Things are replaced and start to develop and grow and they all contribute to the final product: the butterfly. Now, if we’d stopped the process somewhere the butterfly wouldn’t be able to grow and transform into what is supposed to be. This is its becoming cycle and every single stage of the process must be followed or else there wouldn’t be a butterfly in the end.

I believe the same happens with us. We go through all these hard times, we struggle, we manage to move on and start enjoying our lives and what we do, but we forget who we are and what our goals  are. Maybe the caterpillar is not aware that it will become this amazing coloured butterfly but it still goes through the entire process and moves from one stage to another without stopping. In that process of waiting in order to become a butterfly, the butterfly changes the most: wings start to grow, it gets different patterns on them, and you know what’s really interesting? Its wings are so soft and fragile that the butterfly can’t fly in the beginning. It has to practice before it starts flying. The first step of that is opening and flapping its wings.

Now picture yourself in a hard situation or challenging time: you don’t see anything beyond what’s going on but you can choose to. You can choose to deal with what’s going on without denying the hurt, disappointment or anger you might feel. Becoming aware of what you feel and where you’re at is the first step. The next step is to be open to go through that process of change. When facing change most of us are reluctant and even afraid to step forward. How can I step forward toward something I don’t even see clearly or don’t know anything about? But that’s the beauty of it, that’s the challenge, that’s the time you get to change, restructure the way you see things and gain new insights, if you choose not to lose the chance to grow and become mature. I must admit it’s not an easy process. It’s not always pleasant, you have to face your true self in many different ways, but it’s also the time you get to clarify things and goals for yourself and what it is that you really want from life and from yourself.

Trust yourself in this process, meditate and become aware of your own emotions, thoughts, behaviours. Connect with your spiritual side and try to see the bigger picture. There is something more to life than just working and stressing out about things. You have a God-given purpose. Embrace it and do your best to fulfil it. You owe it to yourself to become the best You.

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