Trauma recovery

Trauma recovery 1

Trauma disrupts the body’s natural equilibrium. The person that suffered a traumatic event gets stuck in a state of hyper-arousal and fear. Mainly, their nervous system gets stuck. What most professionals suggest is exercise and movement because these 2 actually help with the release of endorphin as well as ‘burning off’ adrenaline which can help […]


Trauma 2

Trauma is the result of stressful events that causes people to lose their sense of security, making them feel helpless and lost, not able to function properly, as they used to before the traumatic event took place. Traumatic experiences often involve a threat to life or safety, but a situation doesn’t need to involve physical harm […]

False Certainty

False Certainty 5

It’s interesting how we develop this false certainty in life that we are immune to things such as diseases, accidents, dying… and the list could go on. If I asked people they would say, of course we are not immune — but still most of us live under that false certainty umbrella, some of us even […]


Denial 7

We all use denial as a defence mechanism and on a short term it does work. It helps us postpone different emotions, even try to bury them. It gives us a false impression that we don’t have to attend to what is going on, we can just put it aside and hopefully it will go […]

Growing Up vs. Growing Old

Growing Up vs. Growing Old 9

I came to a sad conclusion while I was holding a workshop these past few weeks: we all grow old, but not all of us grow up. It must be one of the saddest things, I think, to just see people grow old and not become wiser and more mature through time. It might sound […]

Ready for therapy?

Ready for therapy? 11

Have you ever thought that you have to be ready to go into therapy? It’s a big step and it’s also a process which takes time and effort to open up and sort things out. As easy as it may sound, it is not. Imagine you’ve done the same things over and over again. Now, […]

Coping Strategies For Anxiety

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We talked last week about anxiety and the cycle of this disorder which gets stronger and stronger over time and it affects your social and work life. Most people with anxiety choose to avoid situations or people that might trigger their anxiety, and in doing so they only reinforce that cycle because next time it […]

Reflecting On Life

Reflecting On Life 15

I was reflecting more this week about life and the purpose of it, and I’ve come to realize from my own point of view how important spirituality and faith really are. I will not take the time to mention all the studies out there that prove the fact that people who believe in a divine authority […]

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety 17

Stress is a big topic these days, and one way or another we all feel stressed and anxious on many different levels. Stress and anxiety are interlinked, an it’s not uncommon to feel anxious when you make an important decision or when you’re faced with a problem at work, when you have a test at school or when something out of the ordinary happens and you become nervous.

There is change in the waiting

There is change in the waiting 18

There really is change in the waiting, no matter what the waiting is about. You might be waiting to heal after a breakup or you might be waiting to get another job after being made redundant or failing at your last interview. You might be waiting to move on and close that part of your […]