Reflecting On Life 1

I was reflecting more this week about life and the purpose of it, and I’ve come to realize from my own point of view how important spirituality and faith really are. I will not take the time to mention all the studies out there that prove the fact that people who believe in a divine authority have better chances of recovery from illness or trauma, but you can easily find them on the internet, for instance. We live in a time where things change very often and we have to adjust – or learn to adjust – in order to be able to move on with work responsibilities and life, in general. At one point we all burn out and feel overwhelmed by circumstances, people and other duties we have.

The question is: How do you recharge your batteries? How do you take time to breathe, rest and take care of your inner self?

I’ve found the purpose of what I do to be focused on Someone higher than myself and I call that someone God. Other people call that meditation or different things. The thing is that I get a certain relief when I know I don’t have to be in control of all the things, or always try to make things work. There’s something greater than me and beyond my comprehension that makes all things work together for my good even though I don’t see it all the time or I don’t perceive it like that. I can definitely tell that all the challenges I’ve faced made me stronger and wiser but when they were happening, I was really resistant. Having a relationship with myself and God helped me keep track of where I’m at and what I actually want from life. I do take responsibility for my actions and for the consequences of those actions but I also have the faith and certainty that no matter how bad things could go, I have support, unconditional love and acceptance from God. How can I not feel hopeful and happy when I know this?

I am grateful today for my journey so far, and I am determined to continue enjoying it. I know it’s a matter of choice and I choose to have a healthy and balanced perspective on life. What will you choose?

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