Reflecting On Life

Reflecting On Life 1

I was reflecting more this week about life and the purpose of it, and I’ve come to realize from my own point of view how important spirituality and faith really are. I will not take the time to mention all the studies out there that prove the fact that people who believe in a divine authority […]

Emotions in therapy

Emotions in therapy 3

I like to consider emotions as a gift we have been given that surpasses everything in our lives. It makes us feel like we are on top of the world or it might make us feel like we are in the deepest pit and no one and nothing can pull us out of there. But if you […]


Sebastian Bosca Life Difficulties Trauma Therapy London

Uncertainty. It has always been a good topic regardless of the fact it’s expressed in a therapy room or in your day to day life. In my opinion it is one of the most challenging subjects. As people, most of us are focused on the certainty of things and situations. Many of our efforts go […]

Parents And Their Influence In Our Lives

Parents And Their Influence In Our Lives 6

We grow up in different types of families and environments, surrounded by people that have had their own experiences growing up. Some, if not all of them, carry scars, wounds, traumas or some sort of painful experiences that have impacted their life journey and influenced where they are now. All the positive thinking in the […]