Parents And Their Influence In Our Lives

Parents And Their Influence In Our Lives 1

We grow up in different types of families and environments, surrounded by people that have had their own experiences growing up. Some, if not all of them, carry scars, wounds, traumas or some sort of painful experiences that have impacted their life journey and influenced where they are now. All the positive thinking in the […]

Thoughts: What’s going on?

Thoughts: What's going on? 3

So many thoughts go through our mind every day. It has been estimated by professionals that our brain produces between 12,000 and 50,000 thoughts per day, many of those thoughts being purely about past, obsessing about mistakes we have made, thoughts of guilt, or pure nonsense. Some of the scientists would argue and say that 70%-80% of […]

Change: Gain or Loss?

Change: Gain or Loss? 5

There are so many perspectives when it comes to discussing pain, the main theme throughout all these different perspectives almost always being the negative aspect of pain. Why is that? I believe it is because pain causes hurt, grief, damage and also… change. Stephen Grosz, a psychoanalyst, said: You cannot have change without loss. They […]

How We Connect Through Stories

How We Connect Through Stories 7

We all have a story to tell — at least one. This story can be shared through words, through behaviour, or through our very own presence. It’s interesting how sharing thoughts and feelings with someone can immediately connect you to a completely new world, different from yours, with new perspectives and new insights on life […]