Perception 1

Everything that happens to us in life is perceived and interpreted a certain way. That frame through which we analyse the world and give it a certain meaning is developed through our life experiences starting when we are little. We also learn and strengthen these thinking patterns through interactions with people and especially with our parents or carers in early childhood…

Basic human challenges

Basic human challenges 2

We are different as individuals even though we may struggle with the same issues. Different people find different issues to be more difficult than others. Two people may struggle with the same emotional challenge and defend against it in entirely opposite ways. For all of us, the defense mechanisms we use will shape our personalities and profoundly affect our interpersonal relationships.

Defense mechanisms

Defense mechanisms 3

We all use them to a certain extent, from simple ones such as as rationalising and denial, to more complex ones such as control and idealization. But what are defense mechanisms?


Different 4

Being different hasn’t been valued as much as it is in today’s culture. In most of modern/western cultures being different is actually a good attribute of displaying your persona and catching people’s eyes. No matter how this different looks like, the more intriguing and extravagant, the more it catches your attention. The concern which may […]

Trauma recovery

Trauma recovery 5

Trauma disrupts the body’s natural equilibrium. The person that suffered a traumatic event gets stuck in a state of hyper-arousal and fear. Mainly, their nervous system gets stuck. What most professionals suggest is exercise and movement because these 2 actually help with the release of endorphin as well as ‘burning off’ adrenaline which can help […]

False Certainty

False Certainty 6

It’s interesting how we develop this false certainty in life that we are immune to things such as diseases, accidents, dying… and the list could go on. If I asked people they would say, of course we are not immune — but still most of us live under that false certainty umbrella, some of us even […]